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Red Cross National disaster call center opens in Denver

written by: Ginger Delgado (9NEWS Reporter)

DENVER - Denver's Mile High Chapter of the American Red Cross became a life-line Sunday for people affected by Hurricane Frances.

The call center was set up to help victims of the latest hurricane to hit Florida.

Red Cross officials say they chose Denver as the location for the call center because of its record dealing with natural disasters and its location. Denver's response to Colorado's wildfires and the city's western location safe from hurricanes and earthquakes capable of shutting down a call center are what put Denver on the national map for major disasters.

Volunteers took a lot of calls Sunday, mostly from hurricane victims in Florida who need help immediately.

"There are a lot of calls where people are scared, don't know what step to take next and they just need someone to reassure them of where to go and how to handle themselves," said Jill Hepp, Red Cross volunteer.

The call center will only be activated during national emergencies, which means they'll be flooded with calls. Most people call to find out where they can get shelter, food or help.

The Red Cross does everything it can to help others, but it can't do that with some help of its own.

"Because we could be up for seven to 10 days at a time for any given disaster, we need enough people to staff that in two shifts everyday, so we're looking for 360 volunteers to help out," said Nicole Adair of The Red Cross.

It's easy to understand why people want to volunteer at the call center.

"It's an adventure for me," said Hepp. "I do it as a volunteer, I go on national disasters, I work locally here in Denver I help people make their lives better and I like it."

The phones at the national disaster response call center in Denver will be manned seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. for the next week. Then it will be deactivated until it is needed again.

The only other call center like the one in Denver is located outside Washington D.C.