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ACD Systems and ACD Software

acd Database Systems Corp. is a leading provider of computer telephony solutions including ACD systems, software and hosted ACD services.

An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is a phone system device that distributes calls to a specific group of call processing agents. It is often part of a call center phone system.

ACD systems are quite often found in companies that handle many incoming phone calls and where the caller has no specific need to talk to a particular person. The caller's number one priority is to talk with a person who is able to help them in a timely fashion.

Routing incoming calls is the task of the ACD system. An ACD system consists of a computer telephony phone system and software for the routing strategy. The routing strategy is a rule based set of instructions that tells the ACD how calls are handled inside the system. Most of the time this will be a set that determines the best available employee for a certain incoming call.

Sometimes the caller's ANI (Caller-id) is used; more often a simple IVR is used to just ask for the reason.

Inbound support organizations and call centers rely extensively on automatic call distribution (ACD) systems. ACD software route incoming calls and can also distribute calls originated by our outbound auto dialer. Our PACER and WIZARD phone systems come with an ACD as a standard feature.

4 to 1000 Line Phone Systems

acd phone system DSC offers analog and digital phone systems that include an ACD system. Our WIZARD phone system supports as few as 4 analog phone lines and our PACER phone system can handle up to 1000 lines. These systems can be networked to support even more lines.

With our open architecture, our inbound phone answering software and systems can grow with the needs of your business or organization.

Contact DSC today. to learn more about our ACD phone answering systems and services.

ACD Components

Our ACD system can be broken down into three different components.

  • Agent module These features are designed to ensure callers receive quality service by providing agents with a comprehensive and quickly accessible set of call processing tools. These features are accessible where they make the most sense and are easily implemented by call center managers without programming knowledge.

  • Call processing module Our ACD software provide the phone system manager with the ability to customize ACD system configurations to meet an organization's unique call distribution requirements. Call routing handles high volumes of incoming calls and distributes them to agents or devices. Our ACD systems also support this distribution (both voice and data) to agents that are remote from the call center. (See Remote Agents).

  • Administrator module Our ACD tools enable administrative staff to monitor agents' work and provide agents with the support they need. Supervisors can access current status displays as well as historical information collected by the system in the day-to-day management of call center operations. These ACD system features not only save a call center time and money, but can help any organization generate new revenues by increasing customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat business.

ACD Features

  • GUI interface
  • Unlimited number of agent groups
  • 800 phone service
  • Intelligent skill based call routing
  • Route calls to remote agents
  • Prioritized call routing
  • DNIS assignment of agent groups
  • Custom messages for each DNIS
  • Call queuing and call routing
  • Web call backs
  • Multimedia support (email, chat, inbound, outbound calls)
  • Alarms for callers in queue
  • Call-back message support
  • Customizable agent screens

ACD Product Information

Contact Database to learn more about our ACD phone systems and technology.