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CARE Service Providers
Call Reassurance (CARE) Program

CARE Program Providers

CARE Phone Service The following companies or communities provide community reassurance programs. These providers use our WIZARD phone systems or have contracted this service using our call center for members of their community.

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides voice message broadcasting services and systems for various applications. One of the more important community service applications that we provide will automatically call households checking on residents to ensure their well-being. This service is intelligent because it can be programmed to re-dial the number any number of times. If no one answers the call, our program will automatically call one or more family members or a monitoring center letting them know there is a potential problem.

Database Systems Corp. also offers latchkey children calling services. By signing up online, parents can ensure that their home alone children are contacted on a daily basis to ensure they are OK while the parents are still at work.

For a further description of this technology, visit our CARE Call Reassurance program web page.

Database Systems Corp. provides voice broadcasting and telephone warning services to a wide variety of companies and organizations. is our primary website for this service division of DSC.

CARE Phone Application Features

  • Computer calls
  • Touchtone Response
  • Variable Time Of Day
  • Answering Machine
  • No volunteers required
  • Multiple Tries
  • Notify Family Members
  • Community Services
  • Analog / Digital Phone
  • Systems or Service
  • Online Reporting
  • Email Notification

The following companies and organizations utilize our voice broadcasting services or inbound call center answering services at our outsourcing facility. These companies may also have purchased one or more call center products from DSC.

Garland County Sheriff's Department
The Garland County, Arkansas, Sheriff’s department actively promotes programs aimed at crime prevention, drug education, senior citizens safety and other related activities which encourage a positive impact on the community. Database Systems Corp. provided the sheriff's department with Wizard phone system which is a computerized telephone calling system that checks the well-being of older adults, disabled persons, and shut-ins who live alone.

Pound Ridge Police Department
Database Systems Corp. provided the Pound Ridge police department with a CARE phone system. The program is a computerized telephone calling system which is a service designed for older adults, disabled persons, shut-ins who live alone or anyone else in this town who needs to be checked on a daily basis.

Rankin County Police Department
Rankin County is one of the fastest growing counties in Mississippi. Located east of Jackson (the capitol) and Hinds County, Rankin County has a population of more than 119,000. Rankin County Police Department purchased Call Reassurance system from Database Systems Corp. to provide its senior citizens with a call reassurance service.

Senior Life Management (Grane Healthcare)
Grane Healthcare provides a broad spectrum of healthcare services for older or disabled adults so that they can provide a continuum of care for the patient. Senior Life Management purchased CARE Phone Reassurance system from Database Systems Corp. to provide its senior members with a call reassurance service.