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call center software solution This section of our technical library presents information and documentation relating to Call Center technology including software and products. Since the Company's inception in 1978, DSC has specialized in the development of communications software and systems. Beginning with our CRM and call center applications, DSC has developed computer telephony integration software and PC based phone systems. These products have been developed to run on a wide variety of telecom computer systems and environments.

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Drive Call Center Sales:
Using Service Reps to Cross-sell and Up-sell

Business Wire

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 22, 2004--How do today's corporations best increase revenue with existing customer bases? The findings from a new Best Practices, LLC study, "Transforming Contact Centers into High-Performing Sales Channels: Building Service that Sustains Sales", helps organizations expand existing customer relationships through cross-selling and upselling strategies and tactics used by the nation's leading companies.

Best Practices, LLC is now offering a discount on all benchmarking research. Purchase this report and save 10% through September 30. Contact a Solutions Specialist at (919) 403-0251 to find out how you can save up to 30% in additional discounts and visit us at http://www3.best-in-class.com/rr425.htm for more information about our products and services.

"Transforming Contact Centers into High-Performing Sales Channels: Building Service that Sustains Sales", available at http://www3.best-in-class.com/rr436.htm , offers a unique opportunity to see how top companies such as Bank of America, Citigroup, Dell Computer, IBM, Lands' End and Medtronic drive sales, increase customer loyalty and expand customer relationships by enabling customer service representatives to cross-sell and up-sell.

Top findings include:

-- Most companies expect at least 80% of call center reps to assume a cross-selling role.

-- Sixty percent of surveyed have implemented training programs to prepare reps for cross-selling.

-- More than 50% of benchmarked companies designate cross-sell sales for reps.

-- Top benchmark partners employ a 10:1 service rep to manager ratio to enhance performance management.

Adopt these ready-to-implement practices to your organization today. Apply contact center transformation initiatives proven to:

-- Drive sales through restructured contact center and resource allocation changes.

-- Increase employee retention by effectively manage change when service reps are introduced to sales roles.

-- Increase per-transaction sales by implementing effective cross-selling processes.

-- Increase the value of your rep pool by recruiting top-level service/sales representatives.

-- Boost reps' sales skills through training, coaching and other reinforcement techniques.

-- Drive rep productivity through performance tracking.

To discuss this study in more detail, contact Steve Walters at (919) 767-9256 or at swalters@best-in-class.com. And download a complimentary study excerpt of "Transforming Contact Centers into High-Performing Sales Channels: Building Service that Sustains Sales" at: http://www3.best-in-class.com/rr436.htm to learn how these research findings will work for you.

Best Practices, LLC is a research and consulting firm that conducts work based on the principle that organizations can chart a course to superior economic performance by studying the best business practices, operating tactics and winning strategies of world-class companies. For more information about Best Practices, LLC, call (919) 403-0251, or visit the corporate website at http://www.best-in-class.com/.