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Voice Broadcasting Auto Dialers

voice broadcast systems in action and voice broadcast Using our PACER and WIZARD phone systems, we can broadcast voice messages and service announcements to your clients and community. Phone call messages can be automatically generated using our XML Push technology.

Our phone message service can place one call or millions of calls. Pre-recorded messages can be played to either individuals and answering machines or just to individuals. Different messages can be played to an answering machine versus an individual.

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What Is Telecare?

What is a telecare service?

The following is an extract of a definition from "Telecare Services Association" - for the term "Telecare".

"Telecare is the use of a combination of communications technology and sensing technologies to provide a means of manually or automatically signalling a local need to a remote service centre, which can then deliver or arrange an appropriate care response to the telecare service user.

Although telecare is very topical and spoken about as if it is something new, it has been available in the UK for some 30 years, through the social alarm network. As a result of the activities of social alarms service providers, some 1.5 million people in the UK currently benefit from telecare services.

Telecare services are known by a variety of names, including social or community alarm, lifeline or careline services. Special equipment linked to your telephone system enables you to get help quickly, at the touch of a button, even if you are unable to speak. This help is available to you whenever you need it - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To call for help you simply press the button on an easy to use pendant alarm, which places a call through to the monitoring centre. Friendly and highly trained operators respond to your call and provide the appropriate support. Often practical advice and reassurance is all you need. However, if external help is required, they will arrange this for you. For example, they can call a nominated family member, neighbour or friend and arrange for them to come round, or if necessary, alert the emergency services. The people who answer the phone have access to relevant information about you and so are able to respond quickly and appropriately to your call."

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What is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Voice Broadcasting (VB) and how can it be applied to different ivr applications?   Visit our Call Center Outsourcing web pages to learn more about these products and services.

Phone Alert Reminders

reminder service alert reminders To quickly broadcast your call reminders and alerts, Database Systems Corp. offers a comprehensive phone reminder service. Pre-recorded messages can be played to either answering machines or to individuals informing them of upcoming conventions, community events, doctor or dental appointments, warranty repair notification, civil alerts, or marketing promotions.

Calls can be routed to a remote company representative or to a group of service agents. Multiple message campaigns can be performed at the same time, each with its own set of business rules. Our call announcement system can conform to your specific requirements.