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IVR Utility Routine Descriptions

The following routine or parameter is maintained in the PACER and WIZARD IVR software library. These routines are developed for programmers who are creating and managing IVR application programs. IVR programs can be written in C/C++ on Windows, Unix and Linux operating environments.


int ivr_speak_date(int call, char* text_date, int type, int allow_interrupt);

The ivr_speak_date function speaks a date given in a specified format to the specified call.




Specifies which call to speak to.
It can be one of the following values.

CALL_PRIMARY:Speak to Primary Call
CALL_SECONDARY:Speak to Secondary Call



date to speak



Specifies the type of incoming date.
It can be one of the following values.

USA: (month day year)
ISO: (year month day)
EUR: (day month year)



Specifies if a digit can interrupt the date.
It can be one of the following values.

NO_INTERRUPT: Do not allow reading to be interrupted by a digit
INTERRUPT: Allow reading to be interrupted by a digit

Return Value

Returns IVR_SUCCESS on a successful function call. On error the function returns one
of the IVR Error Codes.


ivr_speak_date(CALL_PRIMARY,"January 5th 1980", USA, NO_INTERRUPT);
ivr_speak_date(CALL_PRIMARY,"2000 12 25", ISO, NO_INTERRUPT);
ivr_speak_date(CALL_PRIMARY,"21 MAR 02", EUR, NO_INTERRUPT);

ivr_speak_date(CALL_PRIMARY,"Feb 2001", USA, NO_INTERRUPT);
ivr_speak_date(CALL_PRIMARY,"April 5", USA, NO_INTERRUPT);

*** Month, Day and Year must be delineated ... not like: "19800115" ***
*** Two digit years are assumed to be between 1970 and 2069 ***