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Automatic Opt Out Phone Service and Do Not Call Registration

automatic opt out ivr With the passage of the recent Do Not Call (DNC) legislation, it is important for businesses to provide an easy method for call and fax recipients to opt out of your marketing or mailing program.

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides the technology to allow a caller (or call recipient) to remove phone numbers from your calling lists automatically. DSC provides stand-alone phone answering systems and service that can be employed in your organization to accept Opt Out calls. DSC also provides in message Opt Out features when using our own Voice Broadcasting and predictive dialing systems.

Because new FTC requirements mandate that outbound calling companies give call recipients the ability to Opt Out of a calling campaign, this technology is more important than ever. The advantage to your organization is that now this process can be fully automated using our Opt Out IVR system. Plus your calling campaigns can be programmed to give the call recipient the option to "Press x...." to be removed from your call lists.

There are two separate methods for managing automatic Opt Out programs.

In Message Opt Out Program

opt out caller id phone If your calling program delivers automatic phone messages to call recipients, we can automatically enter the called individual's phone number into a Do Not Call (DNC) phone list if your message has a "Press Through" feature. For example, your message can introduce your organization and product or service. After the message you can give an option to be removed from any further contacts. If the call recipient presses the appropriate number on the phone keypad, our software can automatically enter this phone number into a DNC file.

Here is a sample message that demonstrates this feature - Mortgage Phone Announcement. If the call recipient presses 3 on the touchphone keypad, our software would automatically place the dialed phone number into a DNC file. Subsequent attempts to call this number would be blocked by our software.

Caller ID based Opt Out IVR

New FTC regulations require that all business dialing programs must include the caller's phone number and optionally the caller's business identity. The purpose for this information is to properly identify the caller. caller id phone The phone number MUST be answered during normal business hours to give a caller the option to Opt Out of a call campaign and place their phone number on a do not call list. DSC has developed a phone answering program (IVR) that answers this phone number, giving the caller the option to Opt Out of any further calling campaigns. The IVR program can enter the caller's phone number into a DNC file and block further calls to this individual.

This feature is particularly useful if calls are placed to a household and the call is not answered. The only notice of a call is on the phone's caller ID display. If multiple attempts are made to reach this number, a calling program may leave multiple entries on the caller ID.

Automatic Opt Out On WIZARD Voice Broadcast Systems

ivr wizard software Our WIZARD analog VB (Voice Broadcast) phone system provides an automatic Opt Out feature that lets you define any phone key to add a number to the DNC Do Not Call list. Every voice broadcast message is customized and the developer simply needs to present this option in the recorded message and program the appropriate key. Once the called individual presses this key, the phone number is placed in our DNC file. Our WIZARD VB system also lets the administrator designate one of the analog lines as an inbound line for accepting Caller ID Opt Out phone calls. The Opt Out IVR program is assigned to this line and when a caller dials the phone number identified in the Caller ID, the IVR automatically answers the call and gives the caller an option to be placed on the DNC list.

Voice Broadcasting Service - Opt Out Features

DSC provides voice broadcasting services using our phone systems and customized IVR programs. DSC automatically includes our Opt Out DNC check to assist our clients in adhering to FTC regulations. Phone messages include our client's phone number, but DSC provides its own phone number in the Caller ID.

Should our client's customer no longer wish to receive phone calls from this client, we accept the phone call from the call recipient and provide them with the name of the organization that called and the option to be placed on the DNC list. If the caller's own Caller ID can be recognized, the caller need only specify that the number should no longer be called. Otherwise, the caller is requested to enter a phone number to be blocked from further calls. DSC notifies our clients daily of all callers who wish to Opt Out of their calling campaign. Client's can contact the customer directly and have the customer number unblocked for further calls.

Advanced Opt Out Features

Database Systems has advanced Opt Out programs that can be customized to meet your phone number removal requirements. The following are just a few options:

  • Opt Out of Calling Campaigns
  • Opt Out of Voice Broadcast Campaigns
  • Opt Out of Fax Campaigns
  • Customized DNC Do Not Call IVR Program
  • Campaign Specific Opt Out DNC Lists
  • Campaign Identification in Opt Out IVR Program
  • Specialized Message Per Campaign in IVR Program
  • Email Notification Of Opt Out Entry
  • Customized Opt Out and No Call List Reporting

Opt Out Program Information

Contact Database to learn more about our Opt Out programs and DNC Do Not Call list services.