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Interactive political marketing system

Broadcast Thousands To Millions Of Messages For Pennies A Call!

political dialer and political marketing systems in action From local elections to national campaigns, we can manage your political call campaigns from our voice broadcast service center. With our political message dialing system, we can broadcast your political messages to targeted groups or to millions of households. Pre-recorded messages focusing on GOTV or political issues can be played notifying party members of upcoming political events or fundraisers.

You can broadcast by phone political issues advertisements informing the public about your position on local propositions or national referendum. These calls are often refered to as robocalls.

Different political dialer messages can be played to answering machines versus individuals. Simple to complex scripts can be developed for political polls by phone using our touchphone response technology. Calls can be directed to operators that are standing by or can be transferred to outside third parties.

Contact DSC today. for a FREE analysis and quote and to learn more about our political phone campaign services.

Political Calling Service Or Systems

We can provide you with a complete, turnkey political phone campaign system. If you want us to manage your political calling campaign, we can provide your organization Voice Broadcast Outsourcing using our political autodialer at our own call center.

Call Congress Now!

Call Congress Now is a specific calling program that is designed for groups and associations with members that share a common goal. Our service helps you contact your membership and provide information about issues and legislation before Congress. This program can go further than just educating and informing your members. Our technology will connect your member to his or her congressional office.

Using interactive touchphone responses, your members can obtain information about a political issue and optionally opt to call a congressional office to let the Representative or Senator know his or her opinion.

By presenting a common theme and message, this service can achieve significant results in a very short period of time. No longer will you need volunteers to contact your members when you need to mobilize your association to action.

Personalized Political Phone Campaigns

Personalized information from a custom call list (such as name and title) can be included in political phone campaigns. In some campaigns, you may only want to leave a message with a contacted individual. In other campaigns, different messages can be played based upon contact with an answering machine or a person and based upon the time of day. An individual could be given a message with selection options using our interactive touchphone response system. Calls can be routed to political action groups or to banks of fundraisers. Multiple message campaigns can be performed at the same time, each with its own set of calling rules. Our political marketing system can conform to your specific campaign requirements.

To view how other businesses and organizations are using this phone application, please visit our Political Phone Applications web page.

An example of a political "Get Out The Vote" call can be heard by clicking on this GOTV link.

Types of Political Call Campaigns

  • Political Call Message - This is a basic call where the phone system dials from a list and plays one standard message either to an individual or to an answering machine. No agent or volunteer or is required to talk with the contacted party who in turn simply listens to the message. This technique could be useful when you wish to simply provide information on political issues or announce an upcoming political event, or provide a "Get Out The Vote" reminder.

  • Custom Political Messages and Reminders - This is similar to the Simple Notification Message but the phone system plays a customized message based upon the number dialed. Unique items of information can be inserted into a standard message. Likewise the entire message could be unique for each number or based upon demographic items in the call list database. The message itself could be stored in the phone number database. This technique could be useful when you wish to provide custom reminders with names and titles included in the message.

  • political marketing systems touchphone
  • Political Surveys and Touchphone Responses - This method expands the prior call technique by playing a message that gives the contacted individual options from which to select. Using touchphone responses such as "Press 1 for...", the choices could include obtaining additional information, leaving a voice message, taking a political survey or poll, or simply terminating the call. A different message can be left on an answering machine or the answering machine could be ignored completely. Although more complex than the prior call types, this form of message dialing does not require that an agent be available to handle this call.

  • Political Fundraising and Call Transfer - This is similar to the prior call technique but with the option to transfer the call to a third party phone number. Again, using touchphone responses the contacted individual can request that the call be transferred to another person or organization. The phone system dials another number and when contact is made with the third party or different phone system, the call is transferred. This is effective when the transfer party or organization is remote such as political action office or party headquarters

  • "Smart" Message Dialing - This type of calling campaign blends a Notification Message with Predictive Dialing and can produce very productive results. Messages are played to the called individual, and if the person wishes to speak to your "Next available agent", the call can be routed immediately to a group of agents who are actively standing by to accept calls. This type of call works well when a call center is behind the calling campaign such as local or national fund raising event.

Database Systems can provide any type of calling program required by your organization and can even blend several different types to determine what works best in your specific calling program. Contact DSC today and let us show you how we can tailor our political marketing system to meet your requirements, whether performed at our call center or yours.

Political Autodialer Reports

A key feature of our political marketing system is the ability to generate real time reports and graphs. This important measuring system helps you observe and control the performance of your phone system with clear and meaningful displays. Graphs and charts of operational statistics let you measure the effectiveness of each message campaign. The information contained in each of these reports can be downloaded into a spreadsheet format for individually customized reporting. A sample of the reporting capability of our political advertising System can be seen by clicking on the graphic to your right.

Professional Voice Recording

professional voice recording To achieve the maximum results from your political marketing phone programs, consider using our professional voice recording services. We have contracted with several professional voice talents that you can sample by visiting our Voiceovers and Voiceover Talent web page. These services can be provided to you at affordable prices and can put a finishing touch on your call campaign. The voice recordings can be produced in minimal time at a professional recording studio.

The Benefits of Broadcasting Political Messages

Political Call Broadcasting can reduce call campaign costs and increase your campaign productivity by:
  • Providing high volume contacts and notifications
  • Expanding hours of operation
  • Automating routine calls thereby freeing volunteers to
    concentrate on more complex duties
  • Speeding response times to message recipients
  • Expanding call capacity faster and at a lower cost
  • Providing multi-lingual support
  • Reducing the cost of volunteer or call center agent turnover
Such benefits can show an immediate return on investment and make any call center more productive.

Political Phone Broadcasting Applications

These are just a few applications for interactive political call systems:
  • Political fundraising campaigns
  • Political robo polling
  • Candidate introduction ads
  • Party and political action group updates
  • Party registration activities
  • Public opinion polling
  • Political event invitations
  • Enhance public awareness of political issues
  • Proposition support or objection
  • Political surveying
  • Voter registration
  • Political phone campaign

Political Phone Service and Information

Contact Database to learn more about our political phone campaigns and service.