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Open IVR Phone Applications

EasyIVR is the IVR phone answering service and voice mail broadcasting center for Database Systems Corp. (DSC).

IVR refers to Interactive Voice Response - we provide both turnkey IVR systems and complete outsourcing phone services using our award winning IVR technology and facilities.

Our IVR software provides flexible results and minimal development. Using open technology, IVR solutions can access information anywhere on your network and over the web.

The following site map presents an organizational layout of the easyivr.com open applications.

Open IVR Applications

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Virtual ACD Systems and IVR Software

acd system and auto call distribution system route calls Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides phone systems that can automatically distribute calls to remote agents and work from home employees.

DSC provides automatic call distribution ACD systems for both small and large organizations. Our ACD system supports both analog and digital phone lines. Automatic call distribution systems are the heart of inbound call centers. ACD systems are call routing programs for incoming calls and can be even used to route calls originated by our predictive dialer to the next available agent. Our phone systems come with a complete automatic call distribution system for call routing.

Our automatic call distributor can route calls based on the dialed phone number (DNIS) and the time of day. This phone system comes complete with IVR / ACD Integration. Our interactive voice response IVR system can intelligently route calls using complex conditional logic.

Contact DSC today. to learn more about our Virtual ACD phone answering systems and services.