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Voice Mail Provider - Alltel Corporation, Inc.

voice mail software Alltel Corporation, Inc. provides voice mail services and products. It is not affiliated with Database Systems Corp.

About Database Systems Corp. (DSC) DSC provides call center technology and software. Our expertise is in the telecommunications and computer telephony arena. Our products include predictive dialers, IVR interactive voice response systems, ACD automatic call distribution, phone call recording and monitoring solutions, voice message broadcasting systems and http://www.voice-broadcasting-service.com">voice broadcast services. Database has a comprehensive inbound and outbound call center that lets our clients outsource their phone applications without the added expense of equipment and phone lines.

The following organization provides voice services and telecommunications products. Information presented on this page was either provided by the company or found on the company's website. Database Systems Corp. does not endorse these services nor warrant the accuracy of this information. For current information, please visit the company's website listed below.

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Alltel Corporation, Inc.

The Enhanced Voice Mail Plan Add-on is designed for those who need maximum functionality from their message system.

A monthly fee of only $5 per month gives you the capacity for 30 messages (up to 2 minutes long) that will be stored for 21 days.

That's twice as much as Basic Voice Mail.

Company Profile Information


      Alltel Corporation, Inc.
      Building 4 Fifth Floor
      One Allied Drive
      Little Rock, AR 72202-2099

    Telephone: 1-877-249-2687

    Website: www.alltel.com

    Contact: (none)

Additional Company Information

Alltel offers inbound toll-free service to customers with Alltel One Plus service. You'll be set up to receive calls from the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. You can choose from a variety of call features for added functionality. Plus, inbound calls are billed in six-second increments*, rather than per minute.

Product Information

Contact Database to learn more about our voice products including our interactive voice response and voice broadcasting services.