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voice services and voice products Are you looking for voice products and services?

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides call center technology including phone systems and call center software. EasyIVR is our service division providing Interactive Voice Response and Voice Broadcasting phone services.

The following is a list of organizations that according to their website descriptions provide voice products and services that are complementary to our product offerings.

Database Systems Corp. does not promote or endorse any company on this list. These websites promote various types of voice services including:

  • Voice Mail Services
  • Voice Transcription Services
  • Voice Over Talent
  • Voice Recording Products
  • Voice Recognition Products
  • Voice Over IP (VOIP) Services
  • Text To Speech Products
If your organization provides these products or services and if you would like your website included in this directory, please use our Submit Voice Service Website form. It's FREE and simple to add your website.

PLEASE NOTE Information presented on this page was provided by each company or found on the website listed with this company. Database Systems Corp. does not warrant the accuracy of this information. For current information, please visit the website listed with each organization.

Voice Services Providers

Featured Voice Mail Service Websites

  • EasyIVR - www.easyivr.com

    We offer complete inbound call center services as well as contact center outsourcing including 800 number voice mail service and systems.

    Our inbound call center service center processes phone calls using an interactive voice response (IVR) system that answers toll free number phone calls without an operator.

    Our outbound call center outsourcing services include message broadcasting that allows you to send simultaneous messages to clients or prospects without the need for operators.

Voice Service Providers (alphabetically)

  • 1-800 We Answer - www.800weanswer.com

    We are a complete 24 hour a day, 7 day a week "Live" Answer Service. We take the call when you can't and because we specialize i small to midsize businesses, we understand that every call is important to your business and if you can't answer it you want someone you trust to do it for you!...

  • 1st-Dragon - www.1st-dragon.com

    Whether you dictate as a part of your profession, are just learning to type, or want to avoid the pain and tedium of the keyboard, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 is the breakthrough in speech recognition that you have been waiting for.

  • 21st Century Eloquence, Inc. - www.voicerecognition.com

    NEW Complete Mobile Dictation Packages Now Available! We specialize in Speech Recognition Solutions for the following industries: HealthCare, Legal, Corporate, Education, Government, and Assistive Technology.

  • Accentance, LLC - www.accentance.com

    Welcome to your transcription resource. We produce quality transcripts at an affordable price.

    Thanks to digital recording, transcription costs and turnaround time have dramatically decreased. We create written transcripts of your meetings, conference calls, interviews, presentations, seminars, and much more. You won't ever have to bother with taking notes again! Just sit back and let your audio recorder and our transcriptionists do the work.

  • AccessLine Communications Corp. - www.accessline.biz

    AccessLine (www.accessline.com) serves over 100,000 customers today, including Sun Microsystems, American Express and IBM. In 1983, AccessLine Communications was founded in Bellevue, Washington as a supplier of cutting-edge communications systems to top communications firms such as Motorola, US West and Ameritech Cellular. Today, our business has evolved to allow large enterprises to replace their telecommunications equipment and management with AccessLine's hosted communications solutions.

  • Accurate Always - www.accuratealways.com

    Call Recording and Monitoring Systems - Reliable, powerfully secure digital voice recording and quality monitoring.

    Accurate Always engineered the Voxida integrated call recording systems to quality monitor and record calls in your contact center. Each turnkey solution includes a comprehensive set of controls to search, review and archive telephone, radio, PBX, turret and VoIP calls. Voxida meets the growing need for reliable digital voice logging systems for call centers, aviation, military, healthcare, government, and financial markets.

  • Accurate Sound Corporation - www.accuratesound.com

    Total Recall is a compact multi-channel voice logging recorder with built-in display and simple navigation keys for small, analog-only recording needs.

    You can monitor calls, replay them from the internal hard drive that holds 1600 hours of conversations, and archive all or selected conversations to inexpensive compact disks with the touch of a few simple buttons - over 180 hours on an inexpensive CD (30 cents to $1.00)

  • Alltel Corporation, Inc. - www.alltel.com

    The Enhanced Voice Mail Plan Add-on is designed for those who need maximum functionality from their message system. A monthly fee of only $5 per month gives you the capacity for 30 messages (up to 2 minutes long) that will be stored for 21 days. That's twice as much as Basic Voice Mail.

  • ALS International - www.alsintl.com

    Transcription is the creation of a written copy; transcription is also defined as the making of an exact verbatim copy of dictated or recorded information in longhand or on a machine, as on a typewriter or computer. A condensed transcription is the paraphrasing or summarizing in writing of spoken communication.

    ALS International is a “one stop shop” for all your transcription needs. Please remember that transcription is distinct from translation in that it is a rendering from one medium to another of the original recorded language.

  • ATIS, Ltd. - www.atisdigital.com

    For almost two decades, ATIS research and engineering has been creating solutions for the world's ever-changing data and voice recording challenges. Through our affiliation with ATIS Systems GmbH in Germany and representatives around the world, ATIS technology, resources, and services are wherever you need them.

    Today, ATIS develops and markets a variety of voice and data recording systems including solutions for lawful interception following the CALEA or ETSI standards.

  • AVT - Voice Recording Systems - www.avt-systems.co.uk

    AVT can offer a wide range of voice recording capture platforms for all industry specific, company size and technology requirements. This is designed specifically for SMEs and is capable of recording up to 32 channels, digital or analogue, extension or trunk side. It is very simple and economical to use.

  • Broadleaf Technologies - www.voicemessage.com

    Small Office Telephone Systems, Voice Mail and Automated Answering - Broadleaf Technologies specializes in providing small office telephone systems with voice mail and automated answering solutions.

    We are a certified Avaya Business Partner offering sales and service on AT&T, Lucent & Avaya telephone systems.

  • Cambridge Transcriptions - www.ctran.com

    Quality transcription means providing clear and comprehensive final drafts to our clients. We consistently reach this goal by utilizing highly experienced transcriptionists and project specific audio equipment when required.

    With fast turnaround times, Cambridge Transcriptions satisfies the need of clients for on-time, accessible information. By offering the capability of next-day service, we can support even the most deadline-driven of businesses.

  • Cistera Networks Inc - www.cistera.com

    The Cistera Convergence Server is the world's most popular convergence platform for Cisco Call Manager and Call Manager Express platforms.

    Cistera has over 150 satisfied customers from the Government, Healthcare and Financial Services industries (amongst others).

    Cistera has the largest team of developers and engineers working on solutions for Convergence for Cisco environments to enhance the capabilties and delight users of Cisco Phone Systems.

  • Compudex Transcription Services - www.123transcriptions.com

    Medical transcriptions are our specialty. Our staff is trained to handle specialities such as pediatrics, orthopedics, gastroenterology, cardiology, internal medicine, radiology, chiropractic, podiatry, etc. Whether you need medical reports transcribed for private practice, a Medical Records Department at a hospital, or any other correspondence where medical terminology is needed, we can transcribe those reports for you. Call us for all your medical transcription needs!

  • ConnectMe LLC - www.connectmevoice.com

    Toll-free voicemail elevates your business to the next level of professionalism - and if you're a sole proprietor, there's nothing more challenging than letting others know that you are a real, serious, going concern. RECEIVE FAXES and have them emailed to up to three addresses!

  • Crescendo Systems Corporation - www.crescendo.com

    Established in 1990, Crescendo Systems Corporation is a worldwide provider of digital dictation, speech processing, transcription, authentication and workflow management systems for the medical, legal, law enforcement and insurance sectors. To date, Crescendo has provided more than 2,000 cost-efficient installations that enable both multi-site and cross-system integrations. Building on this proven technology, Crescendo is constantly developing bold new approaches to off-site transcription, premise-based systems and voice capture.

  • Data Collection Resources - www.monitoringmadeeasy.com

    The CEMS© Call Center Recording and Evaluation suite offers affordable quality monitoring and agent performance evaluation without the need for expensive PBX/ACD upgrades. CEMS is fully scalable for all sized contact centers with single or multi-site locations. All systems include one full year of support, maintenance and ongoing software upgrades at no additional cost which is unheard of in the industry.

  • Datalyst LLC - www.datalystcorp.com

    Simply put, we take data in virtually any format — electronic, paper, video, or audio — and convert it into the optimal digital format. Once digital, we have a wide variety of ways to deliver the data to you, ranging from web and FTP to CD-Rom and e-mail. Datalyst can also host your data as either the primary storage or as a secondary backup, providing a safe and secure home for your organization's data.

  • Dictaphone Speech Recognition - www.dictaphone.com

    Through the use of new Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, Dictaphone is creating a “best-of-both worlds” environment, offering the freedom of narrative dictation, the speed and cost savings of speech recognition, and now the structured data value and ease of information access of an EMR.

  • DynaMetric, Inc. - www.telephonerecording.com

    Call Saver Pro™ lets you record your calls on your PC or any network drive, automatically or on demand. We are so confident you will love this exciting new product, we want you to try our demo version risk free. No tape recorder necessary!

  • Eight Crossings - www.eightcrossings.com

    Eight Crossings provides the reliable administrative communications that companies depend on daily.

    Our flagship Transcription Service has been a trusted source for reliable and cost-efficient transcription support since 1980. We deliver transcription solutions to clients across the country by utilizing advanced digital technology and a solid group of highly skilled Transcriptionists trained in medical transcription and/or insurance/legal transcription.

  • Escriptionist.com, LLC - www.escriptionist.com

    What do we transcribe? You name it. We do it. Interviews, dictation, business meetings, conference calls, focus groups, press briefings, lectures, radio shows, panel discussions, and seminars. We offer transcription services for almost any audio format. We pride ourselves on our accuracy, efficiency, and affordability and we're so convinced that you'll find our transcription service to be the most reliable and affordable anywhere, that we guarantee your satisfaction!

  • eVoice - Voice Mail - www.evoice.com

    When someone calls your eVoice Plus number and leaves a message, it's delivered straight to your email inbox. Listen to your messages with the eVoice player or access them by phone. It's that simple.

  • Fantastic Transcripts - www.fantastictranscripts.com

    We work harder to make our transcripts more accurate in less time than anyone else. We use high-tech equipment to enhance what we transcribe, and we train our transcriptionists to recognize specialized business, technical, medical and legal terminology. We also offer a wide-range of electronic transcription and business services. We do whatever we can to make you happy with our services.

  • FreedomVoice Systems - www.xtreme800.com

    Since 1996 FreedomVOICE Systems has provided the most advanced and capable toll free service available today. Our toll free voice mail and virtual office system services allow you to create an image of success and professionalism and enjoy far greater efficiency in running your business.

  • iDictate, Inc. - www.idictate.com

    iDictate is a revolutionary blend of technology and human interaction that enables you to dictate any document using a telephone, fax machine, or dictation device, and then receive the completed job back for editing via e-mail, more quickly and economically than with typical in-house staff, and more accurately and easily than with voice recognition software. iDictate provides 24x7 access to a global pool of highly trained and bonded secretarial word processors.

  • InfraWare - Speech Recognition - www.infraware.com

    The InfraWare transcription platform is a service that reduces costs, improves convenience and accelerates turn-around time. The primary benefit to the transcription service organization is improved capacity.

    By leveraging the time and effort of medical transcriptionists (MTs), the InfraWare system enables each MT to produce more lines per day. The cost of using the InfraWare platform is far less than the value of the additional lines produced, so the system actually generates revenue (rather than cost). Since there is no major capital expense, Return On Investment (ROI) is nearly immediate.

    It is natural for an established MT to initially feel suspicious of speech recognition technology (SRT). Look at the technology from an opportunistic perspective, rather than a threatening one. InfraWare uses SRT to the MT’s advantage.

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