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Phone Answering Services Directory

live phone answering services Are you looking for live phone answering services?

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides call center technology including phone systems and call center software. EasyIVR is our service division which provide interactive phone services and voice broadcasting phone service such as student wake-up call services.

Information about telecommunications products and services can be easily provided to callers using our interactive voice response systems. Using our 800 number service, callers have access to any information that you chose to make available and our technology displays search results from networked databases as well as from the internet.

The following is a list of organizations that according to their website descriptions provide live phone answering services. These services are complementary to our product offerings.

If your organization provides live telephone answering services and if you would like your website included in this directory, please use our Submit Phone Services Website form. It's FREE and simple to add your website.

PLEASE NOTE Information presented on this page was provided by each company or found on the website listed with this company. Database Systems Corp. does not warrant the accuracy of this information. For current information, please visit the website listed with each organization.

Phone Answering Services

Featured Phone Answering Service Websites

  • EasyIVR -

    We offer complete inbound call center phone answering services as well as contact center outsourcing.

    Our inbound phone answering service center processes phone calls using an interactive voice response (IVR) system that answers toll free number phone calls without an operator.

    Our outbound call center outsourcing services include message broadcasting that allows you to send simultaneous messages to clients or prospects without the need for operators.

Phone Answering Service Providers (alphabetically)

  • 24-7 INtouch -

    Messaging services are cost effective ways for businesses to handle after hour calls or when staff are unavailable. One third of callers to your business will not leave a message if the call is answered by a voice mail. An answering service is more than just someone answering your calls, to your customer, we are your business. Our professional staff will insure your callers are greeted by a courteous and helpful voice and will insure you receive accurate messages in a timely manner.

  • ADAM Services Inc -

    You'll appreciate the specialized training of our Representatives, who handle all medical calls all the time. On top of this, we have failsafe checks to minimize the possibility of human error. For example, our top-of-the-line digital equipment alerts us repeatedly if you fail to respond to a page--we guarantee we will never drop the ball. Our AMTELCO Infinity 5.3 System provides the utmost in screen customization to display your precise messaging instructions. We WILL follow your instructions and ensure you have no missed messages!

  • Airpage -

    We offer other customized services telemarketing services such as customer service, quality control, literature requests, call-center overflow and order fulfillment.

    Because of our state-of-the-art technology and our commitment to effective and efficient customer service, you can depend on us to handle all your communications needs in the most advanced and expedient manner available.

    We can provide the services to meet your special needs.

  • American Answering Service -

    American Answering Service is a family owned and operated telephone answering service serving the entire United States. We provide personalized 24-hour telephone answering services to meet your needs. We offer call forwarding to a private local or 800 number and answer in your company name.

    We also have message faxing, wake up call services, voice mail and e-mail. We offer same-day service and free setup. Call us today for service that is tailored to your needs! Internet special rates starting at $39.00/month for 100 calls.

  • Answer Force -

    Answer Force provides outstanding call center services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Are you launching a marketing campaign? When your new lead calls and asks for more information about your service or product, our team of Answer Force operators will gather pertinent information for you and help make your campaign a success.

  • Answer National, Inc. -

    The first contact many of your customers have with your company occurs over the telephone. At Answer National we understand how important it is to create a good first impression. We may have state-of-the-art equipment using the latest technology but we are sure to never forget that there really is no substitute for a warm and friendly voice on the line to make your callers feel welcome. Our caring and attentive staff will provide you with the service you expect - all at rates to fit any budget. Please call us toll-free at any time for a free, no obligation consultation. 1-800-440-3310

  • AnswerConnect - Call Answering Services -

    AnswerConnect’s advanced technology sets us apart from other telephone answering services. Using web-integrated telephone answering service technology, information that you provide can appear on our operators’ telephone answering service screens with specific instructions on handling your incoming calls.

  • AnswerFirst Communications, Inc. -

    AnswerFirst Communications, Inc. has provided quality answering services since 1985. Our newest center was built from the ground up in 1999 specifically for AnswerFirst and this operations center provides a safe and comfortable environment for our CSR agents. Located along historic Kennedy Boulevard, the center is close to downtown Tampa. Tampa was chosen as the corporate site because of its growing demographics & centralized location in Florida. With its beautiful white beaches and wonderful climate, Tampa is a great place to work and live.

  • -

    Exceptional Telephone Answering Service value is what we create at Answering Service Care. Give us a call at 800-430-6511 and you will immediately hear the difference. We have the best, most qualified people in the telephone answering service industry.

    When a business opportunity knocks, shouldn't it always be open? With Global Response you can be out of the office, on the phone, in a meeting, or even on vacation.

  • AnswerMTI -

    Welcome to AnswerMTI, where we record every call and never put anyone on hold.

    AnswerMTI is the answering service that records the entire conversation between your caller and our Agent. No more transposed numbers and incorrect names--the ultimate in quality control! At AnswerMTI, a live Agent answers every call and stays on the line until the call is done.

  • Community Answering Service -

    Whether its residential, business or medical we offer customizable service for you. Options include fully live 24 hour/day telephone answering services to voice mail services, remote receptionist services or in any combination.

    Your calls will be handled promptly and efficiently by our friendly, professionally trained operators, any time of the day or night. Simply forward you number to a private 800 number we assign you, and your calls will be routed instantaneously to our operators.

  • Communications Technology Of America -

    At ComTec, our goal is to provide the best in telephone answering services. We have integrated state-of-the-art technology with excellent customer service to give you an industry-leading nationwide bilingual phone answering service. For exceptional telephone answering services customized to fit your business, turn to ComTec.

  • Encompass Call Center Services -

    The ultimate in Personalized Answering Service. Our Call Specialists are available around the clock to take your calls professionally and courteously.

    We are here to help your business grow by providing you with a dedicated, toll-free 800 number that is exclusively yours. You can publish it and have your callers use it toll-free from anywhere in the U.S. When you want your local telephone number answered simply forward them to your assigned 800 number.

    We take your calls and deliver you timely, complete messages, any way, any place, any time you wish. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Inland Answering Service -

    Inland Answering Service answers your phone in-person, professionally, 24 hours a day. Messages can be alphanumerically transmitted to your pager anywhere, stored in a voice mail box (retrieved via an 800 number), and/or auto-faxed to you. Calls can also be forwarded to you directly. We can take catalog or other orders, verify credit card purchases, and even print the necessary shipping labels. Our Telesecretaries can schedule your appointments or become an independent resource for your business by serving as dealer location and referral hotline. They can even supplement or back-up your on-site receptionist. Our fax services allow you to broadcast faxes to multiple locations (reducing drains on your resources) and provide fax back or fax-on-demand capability (enabling you to eliminate repetitive demands on your staff).

  • j2 Global Communications, Inc. -

    With your own local jConnect Premier® voicemail number, messages are delivered directly to your email inbox and can be reviewed using our FREE jConnect Messenger® software, or audio software bundled with most computers.

  • MAP Communications, Inc. -

    Since 1991, MAP Communications, Inc. has provided complete telephone answering service and enhanced call center solutions.

    Your customers expect a high level of personalization, a clear presentation of the facts and an accurate response the first time they call. And that's what we do— 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Officescape -

    Officescape provides personalized phone answering service for our office rental and virtual office customers, as well as our Office on Demand members. We are not operating like a call center. Our professional staff will be your personal assistants. Our goal is to know you and to understand your business like a member of your team.

  • Professional Communications Messaging Service, Inc. -

    The affordable answering service provided by PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATIONS MESSAGING SERVICE, INC., is nationally recognized as the most innovative and technically advanced.

    Our services include Telephone Answering Service, Order Entry, Order Taking, On-Line Order Taking, Order Processing, Voice Mail, Fax Mail, Virtual Office, Unified Messaging and innovative Custom Messaging Services.

  • Prophone Communications, Inc -

    If it can be done by a Telephone and / or a computer, ProPhone has the capability. From the simplest voice mail box to ER dispatch to a complete Help Desk (decision tree) utilizing either your or our software; Order Entry with Credit Card Processing and Fulfillment;Overflow; Appointment setting; Class Registrations, etc. ProPhone is a CanDO! Company.

  • Ruby Receptionists -

    From a remote location, we offer all the benefits of having a personal, on-site receptionist at a fraction of the cost. We'll answer your phone with your custom greeting. We'll screen, announce, and transfer your calls anywhere. We'll take your messages, schedule your appointments, and answer your callers' questions with care.

  • Tel*Assist -

    Tel*Assist Call Center Outsourcing Services reliably responds to your call management challenges by developing a complete communications plan for your business. With expertly trained staff, Tel*Assist provides call center services days, nights, weekends and holidays. Through customer service and operational expertise, Tel*Assist provides a full range of call center services, including program building for customer support, order taking, dispatch and tier 1 help desk.

  • Tel-us Call Center -

    One of the reasons clients choose Tel-US is our ability to handle a range of call responses. As part of a network of quality call centers, whether you anticipate a very high or a low volume response, we can handle it professionally and cost-efficiently.

    Customization sets us apart! Every account is customized to meet each individual customer's needs. Whether we use our software to program your order form, or we take orders on your website, we are here to take your calls. We work with you to create our role in your organization. We are part of your team and work with you to reach your goals.

  • Total Quality Communications -

    We handle inbound calls from lead generation programs efficiently and politely – just the way your company would. We work with you to script every step: from lead generation to answers to frequently asked questions to survey questions to qualifying sales leads. We’ll even gather information to find out which lead generating vehicles work – and which don’t.

  • Virtual Offices -

    With 750 business addresses across 60 countries, Regus virtual office programs are uniquely positioned to provide you with a prime local market presence. As a virtual office client, you’ll receive a prestigious business address, telephone and mail services and private office time. Our 98% global satisfaction rating assures you of world-class service wherever you do business.

  • VoiceNation -

    For a fraction of the cost of a receptionist, VoiceNationSM answering services can answer your phone with a live person either 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, after hours, or overflow when your phones are busy.

    Our courteous, highly motivated and intelligent Telephone Service Representatives (TSRs) will take your messages in a professional manner, leaving your callers impressed with your organization. This high tech, high touch service will improve your image and, directly impact your bottom line. Here are some of the ways we can blend our "live" TSRs with our voice mail, fax and e-mail capabilities to keep you in touch.

Product Information

Contact Database to learn more about our call center products including our interactive voice response and voice broadcasting services.