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Ivr software ivr applications ivr services ivr solutions The application of voice broadcasting and 800 toll free answering services for both commercial and non-commercial use seems to be limited only by the imagination. In just a brief amount of time we've seen this technology applied to many projects. Therefore we've created an applications library that our customers could view and actively help build.

That's why we decided to build this portion of the EasyIVR web site. We hope you find it informative and welcome all suggestions and links to your home page or application area.

Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions. If you would like to list your company and IVR services, IVR applications or Voice Message Applications, email us with the information. Database Systems Corp. reserves the right to publish any submission and if it meets our criteria, we will email you when it has been published.

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  • Health Care
  • Household Services
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance Industry
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  • Manufacturing Services
  • Marketing Distribution
  • Mortgage Business
  • Political Campaigns
  • Professional Services
  • Publications
  • Real Estate Services
  • Reminder Service
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    Voice Broadcast Applications

    These are just a few applications for Interactive Voice Broadcasting systems.
      Voice broadcast system and message broadcast applications
    • Company updates
    • Membership renewals
    • Subscription renewals
    • Customer preferences data
    • Petitions and citizen polling
    • Event invitations
    • Special offers & incentives
    • Warrantee renewals
    • New service offerings
    • Consumer information
    • Baby announcements
    • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    • Employee Benefit Call Surveys
    • Market Research Surveys
    • Locator Services
    • Customer Service
    • Literature Fulfillment
    • Credit Card Processing
    • Order Status
    • Voice Mail Software
    • Inventory Confirmation
    • Account Status
    • Lead Generation & Capture
    • Contests and IVR Opinion Polls

    Voice Broadcasting Product Information

    Contact Database to learn more about our voice broadcasting and voice broadcast system.